Used Clothing

We deals in sorted /mixed used clothes and accessories including shoes, hats, bags, ties, belts, sunglasses and jewellery including variety of men’s, women’s and children’s garments collected from various regions of UK, USA, Japan.

We are importer/supplier/exporter of Used clothing from Pakistan

Sorted/Mixed Used Clothing

We Imports/sell sorted/mixed used clothing of various types such as:

  • Women’s Spring and Summer clothing
  • Women’s Winter clothing
  • Men’s Spring and Summer clothing
  • Men’s Winter clothing
  • Children’s mix clothing

The mixed used clothing is available as Grade A or Grade B.

  • Grade A items are collected from second hand shops.
  • Grade B items are collected by local administration wards from households.

Used Shoes

We have our special department to process the shoes, our staff cleaned and hand packed them into 25kg bales which is approximately 42-48pairs. Each bales contained sports, casual wear, leather, heels, cotton and kids item. The size range (EU) for women is 34 to 38, as for men is 38 to 42, children between 3 to 8 years old. However we can always customized the item according to different market inquiries.

Used Bags

We also sell a range of used clothing accessories including shoes, hats, bags, ties, belts, sunglasses and jewellery. All of the clothing accessory items are packaged into boxes for shipping.


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